Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A Winning Political Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

A Winning Political Strategy - Essay Example A Winning Political Strategy The Progressive Socialists (PS) is the main party that will ultimately win the elections but it can only win the elections through a coalition with the Conservatives of Urbania (CU). The Progressive Socialists (PS) Party’s ideology is on reformed communism whereas the ideology for the Conservatives of Urbania (CU) is conservative. These two ideologies when brought together and blended well will automatically win the elections with a landslide. Information states that the votes swing to the left meaning that the Progressive Socialists Party is in a better position to form a coalition with the Conservatives of Urbania Party (Barbara and Robert 19). The Progressive Socialists have an exceptionally strong winning point on the ideal tax rate, which is to keep the tax rates as low as possible as compared to the other parties. This is a strong campaign point since the majority of the Urbanians will be able to enjoy extra savings after taxation. This is ideal for the economy since it will spur growth and individual investments will increase. Naturally, people are attracted to parties that will ensure that they will tax them minimal tax, which is an advantage to the Progressive Socialists Party. The ideological type of the Progressive Socialists Party also is particularly strong considering the concept that they have in regard to being reformed communist. (Palombara and Weiner 7). Currently in the world, there is a humungous concept that capitalism is not working. This is evident from the recent recession that happened just recently and currently what is happening in Europe. Europe is experiencing the Euro Crisis due to the capitalist ’s ideology and therefore the reformed communist ideology is decidedly much ideal. The Conservatives of Urbania (CU) Party ideology is on conservative. This means that a combination of both ideologies, which are, reformed communist and conservative will be a strong alliance when both parties merge for a coalition. The origin of political parties and the circumstances under which parties first arise is paramount. This means that in a developing political system, the party’s initial tone and configuration have a significant effect on the kind of parties that subsequently emerge (Palombara and Weiner 7). This coalition will be an externally created party meaning that the parties will merge outside the legislature and invariably involve some challenges to the ruling group and a demand for representation. The stakes are too high for both parties to have the majority votes, which in turn, will lead to majority representation. A ruling coalition requires a majority representa tion in order to ensure that the ruling governments’ agendas are pushed forward for effect legislation. This will also ensure that the opposition does not sabotage the ruling party’s operations (Palombara and Weiner 10). The purpose of the coalition between the Progressive Socialists (PS) Party and the Conservatives of Urbania (CU) Party would be to build grassroots organizations that would ensure a win. Since both parties ideologies can be harmonized together, both parties will have a common vision during the campaigns. This will ensure that the coalition parties exist with the organization and structure leading to a visionary direction and leadership. The key strategy here is to ensure that the partners have a feeling of them being partners rather than feeling part of the campaign (Palombara and We

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