Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Speech Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Speech Analysis - Essay Example The orator was rational in his arguments, emotional with his voice intonation and was respected and looked upon by the audience. Every word that he spoke was listened to and this made his speech more affective. Considering the attitudes of audience then the speaker addressed the affective dimension of their attitude by assuring them of the commencement of an imminent change in the country, for the better. The personality and presence of the speaker are keys to an impactful public speech. Martin Luther King Jr. was considered to be one of the greatest revolutionaries of all times and thus each word that he spoke was seen with credibility and weighed with internalization. The listeners could identify themselves with the reader and thus can understand and interpret whatever that was said, accurately. The way of speaking of Martin Luther King Jr. was expressive and this added the component of power to his words, making him appear more credible to the audience, as they perceived him to be an expert in politics and a trustworthy individual. The speech was made in public so the physical setting added more worth to each word spoken by the speaker as he was able to make people believe what he said and they chanted slogans and cheered for him all the way. The audience speaker relationship is really important in an affective speech, Martin Luther King Jr. was looked up on as a role model by millions of people and so it was easier for him to convey his ideology to the audience because they were very receptive to his ideas and thoughts in advance, because he always addressed to their core beliefs. The speech was delivered in context to the American Civil Rights movements and it talked about the establishment egalitarianism in public and political sphere in the US, therefore it gained a lot of support and acceptance from people (Hansen, 2003, p.177). â€Å"With this

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